All the known world, excepting only savage nations, is governed by books.
— Voltaire


Memberships of The New York Literary Society are intended primarily for published authors. However, educators in the literary arena and individuals working within the publishing community are encouraged to apply.



A membership application and background search are necessary parts of the determination process and are reviewed by the Membership Committee. Applications by foreign nationals must be tendered to the Membership Committee by a qualified member/partner. Memberships typically remain in force for the duration of the member's life. Unpublished writers, educators, and publishing community personnel may obtain TERM memberships. It is important to mention that the membership application accessible from this site is in its entire form. Many applicants will find in unnecessary to complete all its sections.

Individuals of distinction desiring membership should have a representative notify the Membership Committee prior to submitting an application.

European Union applicants should contact
U.S. and Canadian applicants should contact